Certified Pre-owned

Certified Pre-Owned Copiers and Multifunction Printers

Are looking for a used copier, printer or multifunction machine? You’d like one that has the right features and capabilities for your business but don’t want to break the bank. Don’t worry, Lasalle Business Machines can help! We have both new and previously owned solutions for your business. Our certified pre-owned program will help you put the equipment you need into your office or home office. You won’t need to compromise on quality with our certified pre-owned machines.

We thoroughly inspect our all of our pre-owned machines before we certify them for use. Each printer or multifunction copier is refreshed by certified, factory trained technicians.

Every Certified Pre-Owned printer or multifunction copier automatically qualifies for our All Inclusive Service Agreement just like a new device would… but at a fraction of the cost!

All Certified Pre-Owned copiers at Lasalle Business Machines undergo an extensive certification process to meet factory specs.

In order for a copier to be Certified by Lasalle Business Machines, it had to be sold by us and kept under a continuous service agreement. This allows us to have an complete history on the device. Our trained technicians spend about 8-10 hours putting each machine through an extensive series of tests and examinations, helping ensure reliability, quality and your confidence.

Contact us today about our certified pre-owned inventory or request a quote.  (705) 560-4252